Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 6 - Headed Home to Georgia

Awake at 4 AM for a leisurely drive through the hills to NW Arkansas Regional airport.  The sky is lightening and the sun is destined to peak over the hill to greet a new day. Temp is pushing 60.  Most of the valleys have a shear blanket of fog nestling the foliage, especially where a creek or river are present.  We have both had a great week and will be putting the 'blog' on hold until we are able to consumate the exchange of ownership of our prize in October.  Headed to hot Atlanta.  Hear it is raining there, but hopefully that will push out before we arrive.  Glad to be home!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 5 - Nebulous Excursions

Weathered an intense storm cell that launched out of the west from Oklahoma; knocked on our door last night around 9 PM with lighting, wind and constant rain.  Made for a good night of rest.  New day brings on a fresh day of discovery.  Began our journey to view the Christ of the Ozarks monument that is seven stories high, weights 2 million pounds and can be seen for miles.  Located on the same site is a 10 foot section of the Berlin Wall that was taken down in 1989-90 time frame.  It was time for coffee, so off we went and found a small hole-in-the wall restaurant named Sparky's.  What an eclectic building that was at one time a gas filling station with one bay for auto repair and one for washing cars.  The repair bay had a black painted floor with swirls of red, yellow, white and blue paint ribbons that resembled a Jackson Pollock painting.  We had the pleasure of being served by Sara with an '"i" (Sari) a hot cup of black java and provided us the history of Sparky's Roadhouse. 
We had previously passed an establishment that had peaked our interest and both agreed we would have lunch there before we left Arkansas.  Well, it was time for lunch, so off to "Grandma's Beans & Cornbread and Hot Cobbler" we go.  What a boon!  Met the delightful owner, Mr. Richard September, who came to Eureka Springs for LA, CA.  No regrets!  A great serving of pinto beans, onions, scrumptious cornbread,  and fresh collard greens.  Life is good.  Can not wait to try the white northern beans on our return trip.  And the journey goes on... 

Day 4 - Back to the Barn

We finished the day with an easy drive back to the hotel.  The road back allowed the capture of new scenery to add to our cache of photos.  At the end of the day, the wind was picking up with ominous black clouds building from the west.  It was a dichotomy with appending storms ahead and the complacency of the cows grazing on the hillside without any concern for the future weather. Back to the barn...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 4 - Walk-About in the Ozark National Forest

Departed Jasper and headed 5 miles north to the Buffalo National River at Pruitt, AR.  Discovered a trail along-side the river and took a 2 mile hike.  The photographic advantage of the scenery far outweighed the rigors of the trek.  We were fortunate to observe Elk prints in the trail and were entranced with the natural beauty of the indigenous forest vegetation..  The surrounding atmosphere was serene with the sounds of the river over rock and the songs of the native birds.  What an experience!

Day 4 - Journey to Jasper, AR

The continued journey took us to Jasper, AR.  Jasper is a small town that is located alongside the Buffalo National River and the Ozark National Forest.  We took a respite to acquire some java and mingle with the local folk.  Our previous experience of the Arkansan people has been one of warm and friendly acceptance...this occasion was no exception.  We stopped in the Ozark Cafe for lunch of catfish, beans and shoestring french fries. Yumm...  We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Louise, who had been a waitress there in 1951...  a charming lady.  We were greeted  by affable waitresses, Dawn and Candace, who were intrigued by our adventure and were gracious enough to have the staff take a picture with us.  Good food, good company, and good gracious we are full. Off to the next highpoint.

Day 4 - A Day of Excursions

Our day started out with a hearty breakfast at our favorite restaurant, Myrtie Mays. We made our second trip to Wilson Combat just outside of Metalton, on CR 719, to finalize our selection of custom Supergrade Tactical .45ACP work of art firearms.  The journey to the destination was a plethora of, rolling hills, gurgling brooks, old barns, and sanguine cattle.  Picture of the barn is on CR 719 one-half mile from their facility.

Bob's dream pistol has a black carbon steel slide with "Armor-Tuff" finish, flush cut bull barrel with a reverse crown.  He selected the stainless steel frame with Double-Diamond Cocobola South American wood grips. Tritium night sights and a stainless steel precision cut trigger put the finishing touches on this magnificent pistol.  Barry's bespoke pistol was the same fine selection with the exception of  a black carbon steel slide and frame with the "Armor Tuff" finish, and full checkered burly Cocobola grips. The artisans have begun the manufacturing process and we are excited about our return trip in October to take delivery of the commissioned firearms.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 3 - Intriguing Discovery

On our way back out of town to the hotel, we sighted an intriguing sign, The Cathouse Lounge and Hotel.  Stopped to inquire and met a delightful couple, Danielle and Mike.  Alot of folks in Eureka Springs are transplants from other places, but these two were true locals.  Friendly and entertaining, they are the epitomey of hospitality.  We wish them both well.  After a drink, it was off to the hotel for the days journal entries.  Anticipating the adventures of Day 4.