Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 4 - Journey to Jasper, AR

The continued journey took us to Jasper, AR.  Jasper is a small town that is located alongside the Buffalo National River and the Ozark National Forest.  We took a respite to acquire some java and mingle with the local folk.  Our previous experience of the Arkansan people has been one of warm and friendly acceptance...this occasion was no exception.  We stopped in the Ozark Cafe for lunch of catfish, beans and shoestring french fries. Yumm...  We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Louise, who had been a waitress there in 1951...  a charming lady.  We were greeted  by affable waitresses, Dawn and Candace, who were intrigued by our adventure and were gracious enough to have the staff take a picture with us.  Good food, good company, and good gracious we are full. Off to the next highpoint.


  1. Enjoying seeing all the refreshment stops too, lots of good fatening vittles along the way.

    Like the touring bikes. The cylinder heads appear to be quite similar to B M W 's. What make are the bikes, please ?

  2. Hi Fretter,

    What astute observations. We met three gents in Kingston, AR on the way to Jasper. The BMW is a R1200RT, the Honda is a ST1300 and the third is a Triumph that I plan to email the owner to get the model. Great bunch of guys. Bob says Hey.