Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 4 - Walk-About in the Ozark National Forest

Departed Jasper and headed 5 miles north to the Buffalo National River at Pruitt, AR.  Discovered a trail along-side the river and took a 2 mile hike.  The photographic advantage of the scenery far outweighed the rigors of the trek.  We were fortunate to observe Elk prints in the trail and were entranced with the natural beauty of the indigenous forest vegetation..  The surrounding atmosphere was serene with the sounds of the river over rock and the songs of the native birds.  What an experience!


  1. What a trip you guys are having; think it most interesting tour. Glad you're taking time to smell the roses. Keep the mighty nice pics, and narratives coming.

    Thanks for e- mail heads up about the bikes; no I wasn't aware of needing to click on the blog day by day listing to search for comments/responses. I've got lots to learn. Between e- mails, blogs, and Facebook, and Googling, a person can spend hours on line.

  2. Wow! This definitely looks like my kind of's amazing!!! : )