Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 1

Making the journey by staging ourselves in Atlanta for tomorrow's flight.  Sunday travel is always anticipated as being an easy ride, but ran into Mother Nature with sporatic downpours.  Reminded us of the soft warm rains of Bali with the exception that we were on I-75 N in Middle GA.  Oh well, just slowed down and enjoyed the company!  It is, however, about the journey and not the destination.


  1. Good day so far, enjoyed the ride to Atlanta, albeit rainy. Looking forward to the adventure.

  2. Am glad y'all didn't get into slip and slide hydroplane enroute. We had cool breeze front blo thru, but only enough rain to spot car. Nothing in bottom of raingage. Hope this flies.

  3. My atomic watch doesn't match the above; I wrote closer to 9:30P. It now 9:45P.

    I'm calling it a day. We have Dr apt Mon AM early, don't know when I'll write next.