Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 2 - Arriving Arkansas

Wheels down and locked... smooth landing at NW Regional Arkansas Airport.  Looked for a Porche for a rental car, but Enterprise only had a Buick.  Oh well, although it did not have a GPS, it rides nice.  We proceeded to immediately get lost while we tried to find a Walmart for a Garmin. (You must know that we we're in Bentonville, AR, home of Sam Walton and his HQ for Walmart.  There are four Supercenters in this town with only a population of 26,000).  Finally stopped for directions from more nice folks before we made it to Oklahoma and found our way back to Wally-World.  Fired up the Garmin and headed to Eureka Springs. Beautiful drive with some nostalgic scenes of old barns and such.


  1. Am enjoying reading your traveloges. Keep 'em coming. We are envious. Got a bang out of Garmin. I've done ok with paper maps, and write out directions on 3X5 card before leave home. Wouldn't do for me to be watching GPS instead of road. Be my luck I'd wind up going against all those stupid folks going the Other Way. Ha.

    Do hope you receiving my comments after each of your reports.