Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 2 - Traveling to Arkansas

Well, day two has come early.  We got up at 4:30 (ugh) to head down to the coffee shop (had to have some java) around 5:30.  Needed that fix to get our engines running.  Met some really nice folks at the Marriott Atlanta Airport. (Jeff and Tracy)  Jeff greeted us with a smile and was upbeat.  We requested a favor of Jeff to take our picture for prosperity. (Do not adjust your TV set, it is the picture!)  Well, he proceeded with enthusiasm, but I must say that Jeff may need to keep his day job.  We had our picture taken with Jeff as a rememberance of the ambassador sending us to our next leg of the journey.  Made it to the airport at 6:30 for an 8:30 departure. The flight was overbooked, so we attempted to "sell" our seats and take a later flight to capitalize on a free trip for a future journey.  But to no avail;  the overbooking was resolved and we caught the flight on schedule.  Wheels in the well at 8:52 and we are on our way. (P.S., don't sit in row 9 or your get the full effect of the landing gear operations)

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  1. Yeah, have checked many times today waiting for your writeup. Like your pic; but sure you both must be looking better than really feeling. Didn't envy you getting up so early, but just think how much earlier it would have been necessary to leave from home. Ug, for sure.

    Bummer you couldn't sell your seats, but must give you E for effort, if not for efficiency.

    The gear up/down sounds should only be audible at begin and end of trip. Sure wouldn't want to hear mid way of trip.

    Am wondering about the surprise visit. Know they must have been mighty open eyed when recognized you. Hope visit went good.

    So now, when plan to return to Mid GA ?

    We got .5" overnight, and .3" today. Saves watering for a couple days.

    All from this end.