Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 6 - Headed Home to Georgia

Awake at 4 AM for a leisurely drive through the hills to NW Arkansas Regional airport.  The sky is lightening and the sun is destined to peak over the hill to greet a new day. Temp is pushing 60.  Most of the valleys have a shear blanket of fog nestling the foliage, especially where a creek or river are present.  We have both had a great week and will be putting the 'blog' on hold until we are able to consumate the exchange of ownership of our prize in October.  Headed to hot Atlanta.  Hear it is raining there, but hopefully that will push out before we arrive.  Glad to be home!


  1. Y'all look relaxed after touring The Clinton State. We were glad to read your blog writings. Now if you can avoid row 9 seats maybe you can cat-nap on way home. No rain here as of noon Fri. Expect you two to now be ready to hit the ground running after the week of mostly fun & games. Ha.

  2. Fretter, thanks for the well wishes. We were lucky to get row 8 seats (Emergency Exit). Although there was not much difference between 8 or 9, the pilot had one landing for each takeoff. Smooth as silk in Atl. Home again